This service is available at and as a Tor v3 service at

- Passwords are encrypted with SHA512-CRYPT scheme.
- Consider using Tor v3 hidden service link for better anonymity.
- Always use GPG/PGP when possible.
- Accounts are not deleted for inactivity.
- Username and password cannot be changed.
- Spammers beware, 10 mails/hour, 15 m/day, 40 m/week, 100 m/month.
- DO NOT spam or threaten others.

- Send all ABUSE, bugs, suggestions requests to admin (<#>) PGP

25/7/2019 - Mail issues resolved
27/10/2019 - Sending issues expected in the next 24 hours. Receiving works fine
29/5/2020 - Broken webmail issues resolved